Running on Empty

The wife was driving while I took shots of this unending landscape somewhere in New Mexico on our way to Dallas after leaving Colorado Springs. It was more than 30 minutes when I noticed that the scenery looked quite familiar. Wait a minute, I asked wifey, did you turn left or right at that gas station (where we had lunch and exchanged places) when we went out? I can’t remember came the reply. So we stopped and I checked the map. Turned out she backtracked on Interstate 40 heading back west where we came from! Which meant that we were about 35 miles back to Albuquerque where we started. Instead of getting upset, I said, Jeez! it’s really hard to trust a woman to find the right directions. She shot back – mister, you’re the navigator and am just your driver that’s why I told you to get a car with GPS but you didn’t! Well, who could argue with that so I thought it best to beat a hasty retreat and keep my mouth shut.

(Shot with a Nikon Coolpix5000 somewhere in New Mexico, USA)

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