Niagara Falls

It was past ten on a freezing night when the rains stopped and we made a quick dash to the Falls from the nearby Holiday Inn where we were staying to shoot the lights which we could see from our bedroom. It was still showering and the wife held the umbrella over our heads while I set up the camera in pitch darkness. There was nobody around the viewing deck but us and the deafening sound of the water falling over the rocks. Hands numb from the cold and eyes misted with fog, I fired off a couple of shots while the lights over the Falls changed from red to green to yellow to blue and white. In my haste to catch the changing colors, I forgot that I had unhooked the cam from the tripod and accidentally kicked it in the dark. It slid over the railing and quickly jumped over the abyss before I could grab it. That’s why I can’t forget this last shot which I took with my shaking hands resting on a wooden post. Better for the tripod to fall into the swirling water than me!

(Shot with a Nikon Coolpix5000)

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