Jackass Penguins in Boulder’s Beach

The braying of these jackass penguins in Boulder’s Beach kept us up almost the whole night since our hotel bedroom was just right next to their colony. So, early in the chilly morning just before sunrise, I went out to the beach to see what the ruckus was all about. Hundreds of them were waddling across the rocks headed for the water to feed on the fishes for breakfast. These few individuals were quite late and I caught them just as they were about to join the larger group queueing to dive into the sea.

(Shot with a NikonD80 in Capetown, South Africa)

3 replies to “Jackass Penguins in Boulder’s Beach

  1. When we were there, it was molting season, so they weren’t quite as attractive as they usually are, but it was still great to see them & the beach is beautiful.

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