About fifteen minutes after lift-off, the balloon pilot announced that we were going to go above the 1,000-meter high cloud cover and see what the weather was like. And so we all waited with bated breaths as we went higher and higher passing through a thick blanket of grey mist. Then suddenly, we broke free and as if by magic, early morning sunlight greeted us in all its glory! Some of the passengers clapped with delight as we floated serenely above the clouds and everyone fell into a hush, awestruck by the view. Far away, we could see the top of 3,916-meter tall Mount Erciyes, one of Turkey’s tallest volcanoes, clad with snow at its peak. It sure was a magnificent sight, making the scene more surreal by the fact that we were floating high up there, lighter than the air. For a few minutest, I forgot to take pictures and this was one of those I was able to shoot with another balloon close by before we started descending back to earth.

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